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Christian Boarding School and Girl’s Home with Therapy, Character-Building Activities, Academic Education and Trades Introduction

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie is a non-profit, Christian boarding school and safe, supportive home with a heart for helping troubled teen girls, ages 12-17. We dedicate ourselves to healing your struggling teen girl’s mind, body, and spirit before her harmful choices or behavior significantly damage family relationships and even her future. Every part of the daily program at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie encourages and inspires her personal growth—mentally, physically, and spiritually. Because we limit enrollment to 16 girls, focusing our attention on their safety and progress every day and night here, your girl can truly heal and prosper.

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The Extraordinary Campus Nurtures Positive Change

Our lovely estate grounds feature gardens, river access, and open space surrounded by beautiful pine woods where anxious and defiant girls can focus on positive thoughts and behavior.

Teen girls here enjoy shared rooms, close to first-class kitchens, where they learn how to make healthy, nutritional food. The Master’s Ranch manse’s family-style dining rooms, charming sitting rooms, and relaxing outdoor porches also provide vital breathing space for girls to unwind and connect with others. This is a place where girls can learn to become cultured young ladies while getting counseled, getting an education, and introduced to trade skills.

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Offering New Hope and Purpose

Masters Ranch Girls Academy is a non-profit, Christian boarding school and therapeutic girls’ home designed to help troubled girls between the ages of 12-17.


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Helping Transform Troubled Teens and Families Since 1997

If your teenage girl displays anxiety, harmful behavior, rebellion, makes defiant choices, manipulates others, shows a loss of interest in school, academics, hangs out with bad peers, tries addictive substances to cover deep emotional needs, please consider enrolling her at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie, in scenic, rural Missouri.

Call or text our founders and directors, David & Tresa Bosley