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Academics at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy

Excel Now, Improve Potential

At Master’s Ranch Girls Academy, at-risk girls thrive in a learning environment that centers on balance and creativity with flexible schedules, allowing each girl to learn and catch up at her own pace. Our overall goal is to support development skills, increase mastery and retention through repetition and review.

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy boarding school for struggling girls

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie understands that struggling teen girls:

  • Have different learning styles and learn at different rates
  • Have varying talents and academic potential
  • Differ in learning abilities: auditory, visual, kinesthetic/tactile stimuli.
Master’s Ranch Girls Academy christian boarding school

Whether your girl needs academic credit recovery or typically excels at school, she can enroll in fully accredited year-round academics and online classes. We also provide excellent educational opportunities on-site with a nationally accredited curriculum through Acellus Academy, used by over 6,000 schools nationwide.


Learn Skills that Pay Off Big!

Introduction to vocational education is one of the great strengths of the Master’s Ranch Girls Academy boarding school program. At-risk teen girls can participate in our outstanding Culinary Arts school, as well as other professional led classes with hands-on instruction in:

Brick Masonry vocational training

Brick Masonry

Carpentry vocational training


Concrete vocational training


Auto Mechanics vocational training

Auto Mechanics

Welding vocational training


Electrician vocational training


Plumbing vocational training


Computer Basics vocational training

Computer Basics

Agriculture vocational training


Animal Husbandry vocational training

Animal Husbandry

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie offers a vocational diploma through Acellus Academy, for those with a strong interest in a vocation, or those who lack the high school credit to earn a typical diploma. Many girls in our vocational introductory program go on to trade schools, such as the nearby Black River Tech College.

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