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Life at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy Includes Good, Clean Fun!

Health and Wellness activities help girls focus on:

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Good nutrition, beneficial exercise, refreshing sleep, positive reflection, and overall healing of mind, body and spirit.

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Completing Assigned work in the Master’s Ranch manse, and on the estate’s beautiful grounds, girls gain confidence and enjoy the pleasure of a job done well.

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Girls also learn the importance of accepting responsibility by caring for animals dependent on their attention and care.

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And there’s always fun swimming and kayaking on the river, laughing, singing together as they enjoy meals around relaxing campfires, plus explore new hobbies and skills.

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As girls live separated from access to harmful sources back home (internet, cell phones, bad peers, drugs, alcohol, tobacco) they perform important daily tasks that help them develop a new sense of delayed gratification.

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Exciting interactive Bible studies, weekly church services, and daily devotions help at-risk girls find new ways to connect with God and build a good moral foundation for a successful life.