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Master’s Ranch Girls Academy Admissions

If your girl exhibits negative behavior or life-controlling issues that keep her from developing healthy relationships, and deter her academic success, we want to speak with you today.

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If Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie seems like the best option for your at-risk girl, we will guide you through the quick application process. Call us to discuss the history of your family and your girl, as well as the primary reason she needs help. We will also inquire about her grades, your financial situation, any medical conditions or mental health diagnoses such as ADD, ADHD, or OCD, and any history of violence.

christian school for girls in missouri Master's Ranch Girls Academy

We carefully screen each inquiry to be certain that we are qualified to appropriately handle your girl’s needs. If through the initial phone conversation, we determine that your girl is a good fit, we will send you an application immediately. We limit enrollment to 16 girls.

We can also advise you on payment options

Length of Stay: minimum of one year, with a month-to-month commitment … average stay is 18-24 months, with a more successful transition for those who stay that length of time.