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Schools for Troubled Teens

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy
First-Class Care, Excellent Mentoring

Struggling girls live, learn and heal in a safe, supportive home environment at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy. Our proven troubled girl therapeutic boarding school program encourages personal growth in all aspects of life. Girls experience a balance of discipline and training in atmosphere of love and acceptance. Dedicated trained staff, and counselors want to help troubled girls and their families.

Experienced, Gifted Leaders

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy founders David Bosley and his wife Tresa, have cared for troubled children for 30 years, and are the parents of four children. While raising a family and taking in extra kids by the dozen at a time, Mr. Bosley worked as a farmer, corrections officer, journeyman welder, union millwright, loan officer, realtor, business owner/entrepreneur, salesman, fencing contractor, logger, and equipment operator–in addition to church planting, pastoring, and youth work.

During these years of raising kids for others, Pastor and Mrs. Bosley have continued their research and education in the issues and counseling methods necessary to address the various and complex needs of troubled teens. They also spend a lot of time counseling and encouraging the parents of these at-risk kids. Well known for their passionate love for and success in a troubled teens therapeutic boarding school environment, David and Tresa Bosley continue to find new ways to restore troubled teenage girls and families.

Why Master’s Ranch Girls Academy?

  • Focus on healing the whole girl in mind, body, spirit
  • Activities that teach respect for God, herself and others…
  • Positive character-building activities
  • Expert vocational training experiences
  • Personal and group counseling in a home-like setting
  • Opportunities to accept love, trust that transforms relationships
  • Ability-paced, accredited online academics
  • Family-style approach with emphasis on work and responsibility.