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Masters Ranch Girls Academy Helps Teen Girls Addicted to Smoking

Looking for help for your teen girl who’s addicted to smoking? At-risk girls can live, learn and heal in a safe, supportive home environment at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie in Couch, MO. Here, girls, ages 12-17 experience a caring balance of discipline and training in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Dedicated trained staff, and counselors want to help at-risk girls and their families. To learn more, call us today at (417) 689-9394, or visit our website at https://mastersranchgirlsacademy.org/about-us/

Teens may try smoking once and think it’s just for fun, but then realize they crave a cigarette every day. Smoking is designed to be addictive and has detrimental effects on a teen in their physical health and mental development. 

Teens who are addicted to nicotine most likely believe it’s not a problem thinking, “I can quit anytime,” but actually are becoming slaves to their new smoking-high experience. Their initial desire to try smoking a cigarette isn’t just for fun. It’s normally backed by a deeper desire to be accepted, gain self-esteem, fear of rejection for who they are without smoking, or insecurity around unhealthy peer influence. The desire to continue smoking comes from a behavioral or emotional problem that is negatively impacting their relationships at home, school, or community. Smoking provides the false feeling of control and freedom making them the release of stress and insecurity. 

When a teen is addicted to nicotine through smoking, they’re likely to continue down the road of addictive behavior by experimenting with other drugs such as weed, cocaine, and in some cases, meth. Leading a teen to realize the root of their desire to smoke is crucial in helping them overcome their ‘seemingly harmless’ addiction. 

Helping teen girls overcome their addiction to smoking.

Teens feel like their problems define who they are and there’s no escaping them. They need to be taught how to reason with those issues, confront them head on and see clearly that they’re not defined by the past but can make healthy choices physically, emotionally, and mentally each day. 

We dedicate ourselves to healing your struggling teen girl’s mind, body and spirit before her harmful choices or behavior significantly damage family relationships, and even her future. Every part of the daily program at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie encourages and inspires her personal growth—mentally, physically and spiritually. Because we limit enrollment to 12 girls, focusing our attention on their safety and progress every day and night–here, she can truly heal and prosper. Call us today at (417) 689-9394 to find help for your girl who struggles with an addiction to smoking.