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Masters Ranch Girls Academy Helps Teen Girls Dealing with Body Image Issues

Is your teen girl struggling with body image issues, that can lead to risky behavior or bad choices? At-risk girls can live, learn and heal in a safe, supportive home environment at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie in Couch, MO. Here, girls, ages 12-17 experience a balance of discipline and training in an atmosphere of love and acceptance. Dedicated trained staff, and counselors want to help at-risk girls and their families. To learn more, call us today at (417) 689-9394, or visit our website at https://mastersranchgirlsacademy.org/about-us/


With images of models, celebrities, YouTube stars, and social media influencers, teen girls are seeing ‘the ideal body’ at every click of a button. It’s easy to ignore this when a girl is in her childhood years because her body hasn’t changed yet. But when a girl moves from child to adolescence, they must not only adjust to physical changes, but also take on hormonal and internal physical changes that will lead to the onset of menstrual cycles. 

For some girls, these changes can cause moodiness and frustration. For others, the process of her changing body is of greater concern for parents as they see potential depression, harmful actions towards herself and/or others in her life.  

With this instability, rash decisions can be made and poor choices will follow. This downward cycle becomes a vacuum that some girls have a difficult time coming out of. Because this situation is truly not who the teen girl is, she becomes even more moody and frustrated, setting off anger and potential aggravation that can turn into violence if escalated.

As you might suppose, your teen will greatly profit from family support to help with her body image, helping her to avoid the downward spiral to an eating disorder, like anorexia or bulimia nervosa. Remedies are available, typically a combination of psychotherapy and (anti-depressant) medications.  Your child might find success in working with a dietician, too, to help establish healthier nutritional and eating routines.

An outside placement may be exactly what is needed to get your teen daughter out of the environment that is bringing her down. We help teen girls embrace a healthy body image! We have served young ladies from all over the United States and are here to help you and your family. 


We dedicate ourselves to healing your struggling teen girl’s mind, body and spirit before her harmful choices or behavior significantly damage family relationships, and even her future. Every part of the daily program at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy at Belle Vie encourages and inspires her personal growth—mentally, physically and spiritually. Because we limit enrollment to 12 girls, focusing our attention on their safety and progress every day and night–here, she can truly heal and prosper. Call us today at (417) 689-9394 to find help for your girl who struggles with Body Image issues.