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We Help Teens with BiPolar Disorder

We can help your daughter as she suffers from Bipolar Disorder, a condition characterized by periods of unusually elevated mood and energy alternating with times of abnormally depleted mood and energy level.  Her mood swings back and forth between feelings of elation and despair, tending towards the extremes compared to the customary “ups and downs” which most everybody experiences in life.

While she may experience normal phases sandwiched between, the elevated phase (clinically referred to as “manic”), might find her easily sidetracked, unreasonably high self-regard, bad judgment and temper control, too much talking and too little need for sleep, and engaging in uncontrolled behavior (i.e.: sexual activity, overindulgent drinking/eating/drug use).

Her “depressive” (clinically low) episodes might be evidenced with anxiety, regret, seclusion, anger, sorrow, lack of energy, excessive/disturbed sleep, loss of interest in once-enjoyable activities or friends, suicidal thoughts or actions.

Family history and brain chemistry are considered factors but causes for BPD are not clearly accepted.  Other acknowledged factors include: a blood relative with BPD, drug abuse, and an undue amount of a high stress or traumatic situation.

This is Why We’re.

It is vital for your daughter to receive a correct diagnosis, especially because of the self-threatening nature of many of the behaviors seen with Bipolar Disorder; in some cases, commitment (either voluntary or involuntary) will be called for, in order to allow treatment to progress.  The (attempted) suicide rate for girls with BPD is ten times the general population, and so early treatment is critical (i.e.: not confusing her symptoms with chronic depression).