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Therapeutic Christian Boarding Ranches for Girls in Missouri

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy: a Ranch Style Christian Therapeutic Boarding School 
with First-Class Care, Excellent Mentoring, and Top Academics

Does your rebellious teen need to change how she thinks and behaves? The experienced staff at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy provide mentorship which can lead to healing from past trauma. At this Christian boarding school, teen girls struggling with self-destructive behaviors and attitudes receive individual, group, and adventure therapy. Counselors will identify the source of negative behaviors, so your girl’s behavioral issues will fade away. She will learn how to live more happily and peacefully. Every staff member here is trained to help your troubled girl plan for and look forward to a productive and rewarding future.

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy, a low-cost Christian boarding school for at-risk girls, encourages girls with life-controlling issues to realize their potential and purpose in life.

Many girls with behavioral issues suffer a great deal of emotional pain. As a result of past trauma from abuse or from their adoption, or just because she has fallen in with the wrong crowd, she is on a downward spiral. She has likely lost interest in academics, friendships, and family relationships.

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy is an affordable Christian boarding school that helps such troubled girls, providing them with mentoring and therapy, amazing outdoor adventures, and excellent academics year-round. This is not an institution, it provides a family-style environment. And our accredited high school offers academic repair which leads toward a high school diploma. Girls with behavioral issues can catch up and excel.

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy’s help for troubled girls includes a strong focus on academics which can set them up for long-term success. Girls with behavioral issues receive a fully restorative educational program, that matches their skills. Our campus includes onsite classrooms, a culinary arts building, and quiet spaces where girls can focus on school studies and vocational training.

Your struggling daughter will grow, mature, and learn respect for others at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy therapeutic ranch for girls, unlike typical boarding schools in the area. Therapy and life change is a key focus of our program.

Teen girls enrolled at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy learn to work well with others. They also receive much-needed hope for restoring and building relationships at home.

At this Christian boarding school, we offer staff-directed group time each evening to encourage unity and cooperation.

Supported by active on-site counselors, girls learn to behave in a monitored, safe environment. The outstanding accredited curriculum offers education at your teen girl’s individual pace. And the affirmative vocational classes and caring for horses and animals at Master’s Ranch Girls Academy also teaches the importance of responsibility and hard work.

This affordable Christian boarding school is designed for troubled girls so it has activities that teach responsibility, plus fun recreation, caring for horses and other animals, and spiritual guidance. Each activity encourages important life changes for life.

Not only do young girls benefit from learning about positive reflection, but they also enjoy amazing outdoor adventures that expand what they know about themselves. Through new experiences at this Christian boarding school, teen girls can change their outlook on life! The best help for troubled girls often starts with the daily requirement and practice of obedience, humility, self-control, courage, [accountability, and respect for others.

As you are searching for Christian boarding schools, talk to us about Master’s Ranch Girls Academy. Call us today at (417) 597-2532 to learn if our therapeutic boarding school is the right fit for your teen daughter. You can also e-mail our admissions officer at admissions@mastersranch.org.

Master’s Ranch Girls Academy — a Christian therapeutic boarding ranch — delivers real help for troubled girls, inspiring hope, healing, and purpose in life using her God-given gifts and skills. Each of our staff works around the clock to encourage at-risk girls to transition from rebellion and anger into normal, healthy, and positive behavior. Give us a call today!

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